About me


So, this is me! Six weeks away from my 40th birthday (eeeek). Life is fabulous, and I feel better about myself than I ever have done!

It wasn’t always like that though, life has been hard and has got to me, almost beaten me even at times, as it does with most people. I’ve always strived to find peace in my head and my life, but for nearly all of my life, I felt that it was unattainable or just plain stupid to want that.

Over my adult life, I’ve found a great deal of inspiration that has kept me from sinking into my neuroses and depressions, and made me in to strong, resilient human being and in recent years, I came to realise that other people struggle.

My ever supportive, significant other, Mark, felt that my life is interesting enough that you might like to read about it. So here is my blog.

My friends talk about similar, albeit different situations and problems and exhibit the same thoughts and feelings about themselves as I have in the past. In fact, my wonderful group of friends use the phrase “I need to sort my shit out!” regularly and one even commented that I seem to “have my shit together”, so it felt like that would be a great title for my blog.

I did a bit of research and found out that lots of people actually ask Google about sorting their shit out too, and this confirmed Mark’s thought that me writing, may be of interest. (plus, if I’m writing, I’m not talking, and he gets peace and quiet ;))

I plan to post about my past, my present and my future, share things that have helped me ranging from “top tips” to “totally changed my life” stuff, and hopefully this will help you on your journey.

I want to share with you, the people, books and resources that have had a massive impact in the hope that you will find them transformational too.

So, that’s what I want to do, but who am I?

I’m Lou. I work in a fairly well paid job doing something I’m quite good at for a charity. My partner of two and half years (although it feels like forever, in a good way) is Mark, he challenges me on my thinking on almost a daily basis and has brought me joy and mental freedom in my day to day life. My son Cam is 17, and is a super young man that I’m extremely proud of, I can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve. We have a rescue cat, Bubbles, who frankly is quite strange and very highly strung but she makes us laugh a lot and we love her dearly.

In a moment of madness (or clarity maybe), and on an absolute whim, I set up an online gift store specialising in Flamingo and Unicorn gifts (www.flamingocentral.co.uk) which has become very popular very quickly, much more than I ever dreamed of (which wasn’t very much to be honest – I still lack confidence in myself at times).

The trigger for Mark suggesting I write this blog was that I got scared when we took £1000 in a weekend. I panicked and stopped working on my business (sounds mad doesn’t it? but I have learnt that I, like a lot of other people, have a fear of success – which is bizarre, as isn’t that what we strive for all the time?).

Luckily, I’d already started digging myself out of this by reading Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week. The first couple of chapters made me feel overwhelmed and emotional, not the book itself, but reflecting on my life and projecting my future. I decided then and there to start my future now. Well, at least to start it. I’m just under 30 years away from retiring (30 YEARS!!!) and I know that as much as I love my job, I categorically, do not want to be doing it for another 30 years!

This is not the first time I’ve decided to start my future now. I truly believe that each time I have learnt something significant, it has changed my then future, to get me to the point where I am now.

I was not a bright child, I even heard my mother saying that to the neighbour of the garden wall one time! And then, as if to prove her right, I left school with a grand total of 3 GCSE’s out of a possible 12.

I come for a town know only for it’s deprivation and Naval presence. I’ve failed at literally everything, at least once and yet I have a great life. So great in fact, that when I sat down with the 4 Hour Work Week book, loaded the blog with the extra resources on https://tim.blog/, I actually couldn’t think of anything I wanted. Now, whilst I think that’s actually quite a fantastic place to be, I also know that stagnation in life isn’t good. So I’m working on some small things knowing that I’ll get the hang of it and figure something out. Taking control of your future right now doesn’t mean you need all the answers right now.

Our lives are ongoing works of art that we continue to change and perfect.

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